The Smart Team

Behind the success of Smart Design projects there’s a passionate and dynamic team. What makes the Smart Team so functional is that each person has their defined role depending on their strengths, creating synergy within the team.

  • Awais Yasin
    Awais YasinGraphic Designer

    Always smiling and helpful, Awais is Pascale’s go-to guy when it comes to the creation process. Creative, meticulous and attentive, he helps develop innovative design concepts and swears by the Adobe Suite, which he knows inside out. Joker at heart, he likes to play tricks on his colleagues.

    • Favorite Chips : Cheese
    • Favorite Drink : Mountain Dew
    • BooBoo

      Despite his small size and physical chihuahua appearance, BooBoo has the character of a bulldog and think he’s bigger than he actually is. He rarely goes unnoticed and is sure to be found curling up in Pascale’s lap. BooBoo has the duty to notify us when we have visitors and is always happy to welcome you.

      • Favorite Chips : Cheese Curds
      • Favorite Drink : Toilet Water
      • Élodie Dionne
        Élodie DionneDigital Strategist

        With a smile as big as her ideas and a personality full of more bubbles than a bottle of Champagne, Élodie is not afraid to get her hands dirty and do what it takes to get the job done. Élodie can take on whatever challenges the day holds from event planning to blogging to yoga lessons.

        • Favorite Chips : Original
        • Favorite Drink : Martini
        • Natalie Binda
          Natalie BindaTranslator

          Natalie is a key element in the company since she masters the art of translation. She therefore produces quality texts in both English and French. We appreciate her leadership and frankness: she is not afraid to take risks and speak her mind. This allows the team to push further its limits.

          • Favorite Chips : Jalapeño
          • Favorite Drink : Beer
          • Pascale Bégin
            Pascale BéginGraphic Designer & Owner

            With heels as high as her expectations, Smart Design owner Pascale Bégin lives and breathes all things branding and design. She fills her days with meetings and mock-ups. A perfectionist at heart, she leaves no detail to chance and there’s no music sweeter to her ears than the joy in her clients’ voices when they love the work they are presented.

            • Favorite Chips : Low in sodium
            • Favorite Drink : Rosé Champagne
            • Simon LeVasseur
              Simon LeVasseurSoftware Developer

              Web integrator and programmer, Simon is up to speed on all the innovations in the world of technology and continues to want to learn. For him, the Web has no secrets. If you are looking for him, you will surely find him near a computer: from morning, noon, to night, he is busy code writting. Simon is also trilingual, speaking English, French and Javascript.

              • Favorite Chips : BBQ
              • Favorite Drink : Scotch