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CEX provides insurance for products up to a maximum of £100. Should your products be worth more than that, you will be forced to pay for a different insurance service, like the Royal Mail Special Delivery to guarantee proper insurance. After commodity tokenexus cheating grading, CEX offers you a price for your items, and if you don’t accept the offered price, you will have your items returned. You need to create an account with CEX for any of the membership types the company allows depending on your choice.

Game consoles have a different grading depending on whether an item is boxed, unboxed or to be placed at discounted category. You most likely are interested in selling some merchandise via CEX if you are here. It would help to know what CEX is and how it operates prior to learning how you can actually benefit from its services. Please be aware that sealed items that are sent to us will need be unsealed by our WeBuy team for logging and testing purposes. This process may take a few minutes and your phone should reboot to the state that it shipped in, prompting you to choose language and sign-in all over again.

This option will also backup the application data for some of your apps. Apps need to be registered with the Android operating system for this backup and restore service to work, and not all your apps may support this. To be safe, we recommend manually backing application data for all your favourite apps, like this method for backing up your WhatsApp messages. Not all versions of Android automatically back up pictures.

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Please note that the exact steps will vary depending on the version of Android that you are using, and the manufacturer of the device. Settings are slightly different in the versions of Android, and manufacturer skins can change the names of settings or the exact menus. However, the general tokenexus official site instructions are the same across all devices. They offered me the price for a broken Iphone 4 (£50 instead of the £100 declared on the website). Still months later, the website still offers the same price of £100 even though a member of staff told me there was no profit for them .

How To Make Money At Cex

Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable. If you are on a Mac, make sure cryptocurrency you have the Android File Transfer application installed before you do this.

  • If you have any tips that can help to securely wipe Android phones, let us know via the comments.
  • Payment of the items in store to you is by cash, CEX vouchers or a bank transfer.
  • The bank transfer takes typically one working day to get to your account.
  • For such an account, a user needs to be over 16 years in England and Wales as well as in Northern Ireland and in possession of a valid form of ID.
  • You can also get a CEX Full Membership which allows you to sell any of your items for cash or vouchers.

Sell Iphone

Some people have noted that at times this doesn’t work right away, and you might need to try it a few times. Now that you’ve made a backup, you can safely delete everything on your phone.

You’ll see a warning screen – tap Reset phone to continue. The process can take an hour, and so you’ll need to leave your phone on the charger and wait.

We checked on a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Note and didn’t see the option, while the recent Moto E does have this option. In case your phone does not support this, you’ll have to use a PC to back up media via the USB as described above. If your SD card is secured with a password, you’ll need to enter the PIN to continue. After the copying is done, you can unplug your phone. Navigate to the SD card and copy all the files you want to save to your computer.

Are game stores closing?

GAME and Gamestation stores have been closing their doors since yesterday, as GAME Group’s move to enter administration began. A total of 277 of GAME Group’s 609 UK and Ireland stores have sadly been closed since yesterday, and now a full list of all the closed stores has been released.


Without the directory, the phone assumes the files are gone. But they remain in its memory and can be accessed by the specialist software. And in another case, SensePost could have accessed the previous phone user’s Facebook account and potentially completed status updates and changes to their account. However, with freely available and easy-to-use software, tech experts SensePost took less than an hour to pull off intimate and personal information that the phone’s previous owner had stored. Should CEX decide they do not want the items you have sent them, they can send them to you for free if you want, or recycle them for you if you make that decision.

Can CeX refuse to buy?

8. Selling to CeX. 8.1 CeX reserves the right to refuse to purchase any Product at their sole discretion. However, selling and purchasing of vouchers shall be done at your own risk.

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